Uncategorized / January 7, 2022

Stoic maxims (part 1)

These are the insights i gathered, visualized and wrote as i practice stoicism. The insights are synonymous to Marcus Aurelius Meditations’ as a reminder on how to stay on path with Stoicism. In 100 years, you will be dead and forgotten. Those who remember you will be dead too. Like the dust in Sahara desert […]

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Uncategorized / October 6, 2021

My thesis

On 4th October 2021, I defended my thesis titled “Interplay of modal dispersion and nonlinear interference in fiber optic fiber systems” finishing my masters studies at the University of Parma.  You can read my thesis here. I’m grateful for the mentorship and learning from both Prof. Paolo Serena and Dr. Ing Chiara Lasagni. It was […]

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Uncategorized / August 27, 2020

My August 2020 Read: Digital Minimalism

It is quite hot here in Southern Denmark this August compared to last year when it was colder. The warm temperature is keeping me indoors reading Carl Newport’s Digital Minimalism. It is an excellent booking advising on ways to minimize your attention from chaotic world of internet, applications to traditional ways of consuming your attention. […]

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